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Dayana Nikolova


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Meet Paul McCartney

Paul has helped thousands of small business owners to market and sell themselves and their businesses more effectively.

Having spent most of his working life in commercial radio, he can help people generate the right sort of leads and follow a process that gets them to buy.

During the last ten years he’s been coaching business owners in how to grow their business around their ideal clients, delivering an return of up to 75 times their investment.

Paul says...

As a Business Made Simple Coach, I can save my clients hours of frustration and ultimately make them more money.
Running a business shouldn’t be a mystery. I provide clients with the frameworks to improve Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Product Creation, Overhead, and Cash Flow.
Every client gets 24/7 access to video and workbooks that support every session for additional support.

Client Reviews...

"I've worked with Paul for the last 18 months and he gave me some real insight into my business. He challenged me on my thinking, what I wanted and how best to achieve my results. In the time working together he helped me qualify, secure and deliver new project for client who were my ideal clients."
James Doubtfire
Format Design
"Before working with Paul, I understood what my aims and objectives were for my business. However, obtaining them was the challenge. I worked with Paul for a little over a year and in that short time frame, he helped me stay focused and kept me moving forwards towards those aims."
Joel Lassman
"In the short few months that Paul had coached me, I began to see that dream become a reality. Paul has walked each step of this path with me; he has helped me to overcome my fears and limitations and he has encouraged me to use my strengths in a much more productive manner."
Archna Patel
The Acupuncturists

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